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Thinking of getting a pool?  There are many things you’ll have to consider, including: cost, how much time you will spend doing pool maintenance, local laws & what kind of pool you want.  Doing your research and making a plan will make things easier.

You’ll need to consider cost. 
The actual cost of the pool & all equipment & chemicals you require.
The cost of maintenance
Proper fencing
Security equipment
Insurance protections

Permits.  In Hamilton you do not need a building permit to install a pool, but you do need one to construct the fence.  After you get the permit you can have the pool put in, but you cannot fill the pool with water until the fence is in place and you get a final approval from the City.

Consider the size of your yard, how big of a pool you want & if you want in ground or above.  Going to a pool professional is a great idea as they can help you figure out what will work for you.

Think about the placement of the pool considering parts of the yard that get lots of sun, if you want the pool close to the house, or further back in the yard.  You might want to avoid areas that have trees nearby that produce sap, and remember that some trees have extensive root systems which could interfere with the pool.

Safety first!  You’ll need to purchase a safety cover for your pool and remember the simple things like proper supervision as well as life jackets or floatation devices.   A pool alarm system alerts an in house receiver if any large object enters the pool.  When you want to swim put the alarm in sleep mode and you’re good to go. 


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