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Decluttering Outside

When most of us think of decluttering out home we don’t think to work on the outside as well as the inside.  The first impression people get when they see your home is the front.  Some things you can do to declutter & freshen up:

Put a fresh coat of paint on your door

Make sure handrails, stairs, door knobs are in good shape & replace if needed

Make sure the yard, porch & sidewalks aren’t cluttered with yard tools, toys, etc


Make your entryway more appealing.  Put a table or coat rack to keep organized.

Keep your hallways clear.  Make sure you don’t have anything that sticks out of the wall too much, making the halls seem smaller.

Make sure your closets aren’t stuffed and messy.  Having everything neatly arranged is appealing.

Refresh any paint that needs a touch up.


Room by Room


Clear counters of small appliances

Pack up things you don`t often use & store elsewhere

Keep all cleaning products & utensils in a cabinet instead of on the counter

Living Room

Make sure your blankets & throw pillows are freshly washed


Put away all of your personal items such as makeup and toothbrushes in a cabinet so the counter is clear and people can picture how their things would look.


Don`t have too many personal things on display such as photos – you want someone viewing the home to picture themselves living there

Make sure you have fresh bedding

Store out of season clothes or things you don`t often need in storage bins in your closet, under your bed or in a storage room


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